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IDAC 1.jpg
IDAC recognizes that defensive arts can be vastly different than arts for sports or competition. We also recognize that every country on earth has it's own unique approach to self defense, war, and laws governing their application.

IDAC is in the formative stages. We are buiding the structures to allow for stability, growth, management, and credibility. We are building around the "community" design, to allow for levels of membership:
  • Members,
    Anyone can be a member.
  • Representatives,
    Will represent a system/style or school.
  • Senators,
    Will be Master Level/System Head.
  • Executive Board,
    Initially will be the Charter members.
  • Rules Committee,
    To be designated
IDAC is looking to revive the "big tent" days of Robert Trias and the former USKA by bringing together Defensive Arts from all over the world.
Today, as many martial arts have become more inclusive in the techniques they allow as long as the techniques are valid and practical as self defense, many are still structured and restrictive and unwilling to allow for the use of "unsanctioned" techniques. 
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