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The swords described herein have been meticulously designed and hand-forged according to traditional methods and standards as set down for over 1000 years. White Lion Blades are “Shinsakuto” or newly created blades using traditional methods and standards. They are authentic in construction and of a level befitting competition. White Lion Blades are LIVE blades and should not be used as Iaito.
Each White Lion Blade is unique and you have the satisfaction of knowing that the sword in your hand is a one-of-a-kind work of  art.
Warranted By White Lion Blades To Be Authentic Japanese 
Katanas And Works Of Art, Created By Expert Swordsmiths.

Authentic Japanese  Katanas20230210_151235.jpg
Authentic Japanese  Katanas
Authentic Japanese  Katanas
Authentic Japanese  Katanas
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Japanese Katanas
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